TRANSACTION EXEPERIENCE 

Morris Anderson                                                                   PTA, Inc

   Sale of multiple steel fabrication companies                          Sale of Blow Molding firm

   to strategic buyers (Fabtech, Inc)                                            to strategic buyer 

Westlake Group                                                                     Tatum CFO

    Purchase of Sauder Industies vinyl’s division                         Enerva’s purchase of web             

    Purchase of BTR Nylex interest in Joint Ventures                  site developers

    Purchase of Goodrich’s CA&O assets in Kentucky

    Divestment of PVC Pipe Plants – Statesboro

    Joint Venture discussions vinyl business (Borden’s)   

Gulf Oil Companies                                                                 Southland Corporation

     Acquisitions                                                                                Citgo JV with PDVSA

        Cities Service Public Tender                                                   

        Harshaw Chemicals

        Kemmerer Coal                                                                C.A. Johnson Co

        North River Coal                                                                       MBO Tenneco R&M

     Divestments                                                                                  Exploration JV with                                                                       

         Equity in Colonial Pipeline to Union Oil                                 Braken and Santa Fe                              

         Southeast marketing & refining to BP

         California marketing & refining to Thrifty Oil

         Ecuador E & P to CEPE

         Specialty Chemicals to Amoco

          Real Estate Development to Mobil